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Yesterday morning I got up; woke the boys and promised them thumbs up if they got dressed nice and quickly; pulled on my cycling leggings, long-sleeved top, technical socks and boil-in-the-bag rain jacket; sorted out my office clothes; awarded thumbs up to my boys; put my handbag and change of clothes into my pannier bag; kissed my lycra-clad boyfriend goodbye and wheeled my bike out of the door.

A fairly standard morning, no?  No.  I now have pannier bags!  Oh, and that was only the second time I’ve cycled in since 6th October.

I ran a half marathon.  The Royal Parks Half Marathon, to be precise.  In exchange for all the training then actually getting up and doing it I promised myself I wouldn’t run again until the end of the month at the earliest (I had accumulated various injuries and complaints during my training which needed time to heal) but that I would keep cycling into work to maintain my fitness levels.

The first week after the half marathon it was easy to “treat myself” by driving in instead of cycling (the inverted commas are used to indicate that, while I was not expending nearly the same amount of energy as I would have if I cycled, I was spending a lot of my time stuck in traffic, looking out of the window and wishing I could be riding past all the parked cars).  The second week after the half marathon I was into the habit of driving and it was so much easier to just step straight into my work clothes and grab the car keys on the way out of the door, plus I had a cold and I tended to cough after I exerted myself.  Monday, my alarm failed to go off and with the added time pressure I just didn’t have the will power to break the habit.

Yesterday was different.  I’d had enough of listening to my own excuses – the very fact that I was making excuses to myself shows me that I knew I was being pathetic.  So I found my lycra and thanked any deity which might be listening in for my wonderful boyfriend who got my bike out of the shed for me and I cycled in.  Strangely, it wasn’t nearly as difficult and as much hassle as I had been remembering.  Yes, it was windy and drizzling; yes, I have lost a bit of form so it was generally harder; yes, my tyres were too soft and badly needed pumping up but I got to ride past all those parked cars, just as I’d been dreaming (many of them moved to one side for me, as if welcoming me back to the world of filtering).  It was good!  : D

It helped that my boyfriend cycled in today for the first time in a couple of weeks too.

I have three draft posts which just need a little editing before I can publish them.  I’m wondering if I have subconsciously been feeling I don’t deserve to publish them, considering the amount of cycling I haven’t been doing.  But I’m back now.  I was more awake yesterday afternoon than I have been for weeks.  This morning it was even easier to slip back into my old cycling routine, and tomorrow it will be as if I’d never stopped.

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