Gale Force Headwind Button

After serious thought and consideration to the dilemma of driving vs. cycling through winds gusting up to gale force this morning, I pulled on my wind-stopper jacket and cycling leggings.  I didn’t fancy sitting in amongst the thick traffic, augmented by people sheltering in their glass and steel havens from the rain and wind rather than take to the elements on foot or two wheels or standing forlornly at a station for a train which won’t come.  I failed to take into consideration that it is half term so the traffic was wonderfully light!

It was a hard ride.  As I cycled south-west, a Westerly, gusting up to “near gale” force kept urging me slower, simulating a flat road on the sweeping downhills; a vertical ascent on the climbs.  I have to say though, I was delighted to note that, having spent so long trying to get my riding in time below the 25 minute mark, a force 7 wind, gusting force 9, slows me down to 25:32, especially as this time included slowing down to ride around a road block where a tree had come down on the route (something the cars alongside me had a lot more difficulty with).

I’m trying to not get too excited about the ride home, with an expected force 4 gusting force 6 South-Westerly behind me, speeding me on my way as, going on past experience, it isn’t unlikely that the wind will have done a full 180 and will once again by hurling itself and small bits of tree at my face once more.

I’ll hold off on publishing this until I can tell you how the return journey went.


Well.  No real tail wind to speak of but a fabulous ride home!  My legs were feeling good and the roads were remarkably quiet so I sailed home, my grin firmly fixed on my face.  A hill I normally take extremely cautiously because of the poor visibility when it’s lined with traffic I flew down, laughing out loud!  The sign just over the brow of the hill, mere yards from where I turned onto the road from traffic lights, declared my speed to be 21mph in the snapshot it took of me.

I honestly believe that ride home could have been my fastest ever except that the heavens opened and I had to slow right down for the last mile and a half.  I’m toying with the idea of buying a hybrid with nice chunky tyres for the adverse weather I feel is probably coming.

Also I need to find either a ladies’ thermal wind-stopper jacket or a men’s one designed for the man with the hourglass figure.

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