My Week on Wheels

Week 44

Last week was a good week for cycling, from a personal perspective.  While I realise 75 miles in a week is probably peanuts to a lot of people, (I’ve done that much in a day before, but that’s another post) to me it’s good.

My Mum took my boys for a few days last week so I could work late on Thursday (my boyfriend couldn’t as he was away until Friday), picking them up straight from holiday club on Wednesday.  I didn’t fancy an evening all by myself so I headed out for a couple of hours.  6.58 miles.

Since my half marathon I’ve been getting lazy and have been seeing my car as an easy way out of having to ride in so, on my recent form, four days out of five is an achievement.  38.75 miles.

Friday night I needed to pick up a few groceries before my boyfriend got home along with a little something for my Mum’s birthday so, what with not needing to wrestle small boys into a car or go somewhere within easy walking distance, I emptied out my pannier bags and hopped on the bike again!  5.35 miles.

Saturday morning we had our usual appointment in a nearby town.  Still with no small children, we rode there and back.  8.77 miles.

I hinted that our trip to London could be achieved by bike on Saturday afternoon but my boyfriend wasn’t confident enough about parking facilities so we used train wheels.  0 miles.

Windsor Great Park 15 miles

For Sunday morning I had something special planned.  With a rare child-free weekend I thought it would be lovely to get out on our bikes together and go for a ride.  Nothing too long as we were both a little tired after our week but some fresh air and new scenery.  I went on the Sky Ride website ( and found a buddy ride (organised by one of the community members) which was 15 miles around Windsor Great Park by a gentleman who lives just a stones throw away.  The map was on the website so we knew what to expect and the organiser had included his mobile number, which was useful as the website itself has a lot of bugs.

There were five of us in all, from a lady on a sit-up-and-beg bike in street clothes with a tote bag to my boyfriend on his top-of-the-line carbon climber in Lycra with energy gels in his back pocket.  Despite the range of styles, no-one was left behind on their own and no-one felt cheated out of their personal best.  It was a lovely, steady ride around paths in the park and a couple of main roads, with good company, ideal for a relaxed Sunday morning.  The only thing I would have done differently would have been to have had lunch at a pub afterwards, but unfortunately we had to press on with our chores that afternoon.  15.1 miles.

In summary, I cycled to work four days out of five, went out in the evening by bike twice, cycled to my usual Saturday morning appointment rather than driving and went on a social ride around Windsor Great Park on Sunday morning.  In its own way, each of these is an achievement for me (although none were particularly difficult) but I think my favourite was Saturday morning, just my boyfriend and me on our bikes, dodging through traffic.  It’s definitely something I’d like to repeat.

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