Back on the Saddle

I’ve not been the most consistent of cyclists but I have barely touched my bike for the last two weeks, other than to move it from room to room in the house as I need to access various areas it’s been blocking.  All the reasons were good ones.  I was having Christmas presents delivered to work for my children which I would need to transport home; I was expecting snow chains to be delivered; I needed to go on somewhere straight from work; I was halfway up an Alp with my boyfriend and a car full of skis; I was babysitting four young boys while my boyfriend was working.

Regardless of whether my reasons are good or frivolous though, the result is the same.  This morning I reluctantly (it’s always hardest after a break) pulled on nose-to-ankle lycra (although there may be some in the socks too), switched on my five lights (I know, I need more), hit Go on my tracking app and clipped in.

It hurt.  Had my gears and chain seized up or was it just my legs?  Yes, my bike needs a little TLC but mostly I think my form has abandoned me.  Two afternoons of skiing (let’s not go into the reasons there was no morning skiing) was insufficient to maintain my cycling form, especially considering I was taking it easy as a beginner who had barely skied since last Spring.

Muscle memory kicked in though and by the time I got to work I had my usual post-ride happy going on followed, of course, by the smug satisfaction of being one of the few regulars to have ridden in on the first work day since Christmas Eve.

The ride home went much more smoothly, with a stop at my local bike shop to pick up some new road mud guards for my other half and a nice long chat about the owner’s new bike.  I feel much better about myself having ridden today although the excuses start again tomorrow as I need to head into town by train straight from work.

Next week is a new week though and, while I already have Thursday marked for driving, the goal is to ride the other four days.

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