Periodic Considerate Car Awards

Welcome, one and all, to the January 21st 2014 Considerate Car Awards!

Today’s Considerate Car award goes to…(drum roll please)…AUDI!  (Didn’t see that one coming, did you?)

Collecting the award on behalf of Audi are the driver of the black A6* saloon who saw me filtering in his rear view mirror and pulled in a little to give me more room and the driver of the silver A4* cabriolet who waited for me to go through a gap which we could probably have both fitted through at the same time but not without scaring me.

Meanwhile, at the far end of the spectrum:

Today’s WTF?! award goes to…(humorously disparaging sound effect please)..FORD!

Failing to appear to collect their award are the driver of the black KA* hatchback who sounded their horn at a cyclist in front of me (when he pulled out a comfortable 30 yards ahead of the KA in a road wide enough to be a dual carriage way) then almost immediately had to brake for the queue of traffic at the roundabout.  When politely questioned by the cyclist the driver of the car had no comment to make.  Also failing to appear is the driver of a white Transit* van who decided that putting on hazard lights a split second before opening his driver’s door and getting out while in a queue of traffic was an acceptable alternative to checking no-one was coming.

*Models have been estimated from what I remember of the cars.  Makes and colours are mostly accurate.

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