Weekend of Plans

My wonderful Mother has been looking after my boys for me.  They have had a lovely little holiday with Nanny and Granddad since last Wednesday and are being returned to me this evening, having had an inset day today.

We had such plans, my boyfriend and I!  On Thursday evening we could go to the club Turbo Trainer session together; Friday evening we could go out for a meal; there was a running workshop on Saturday morning; we could swim together Saturday afternoon; Sunday would be devoted to the club bike ride in the morning and recovering from it in the afternoon.

Thursday morning came with a crick in the neck.  The most painful one I’ve ever had.  I made it to work and spent the day fielding pitying looks from my boss every time I turned my head and gasped out in pain.  I didn’t manage the full day, leaving early to take the bus to my Chiropractor and beg for an earlier appointment than the after work one I’d booked.

The Turbo session was not far from the Chiropractor so my boyfriend picked my up with a car full of cycling equipment but it was clear at this point that mine would remain unused, having been advised that my position on a bike would have me back at the Chiropractor sooner than I’d like.  Turbo Training is not a spectator sport.

Friday came with a slight reduction to the screaming pain.  The work day was a blur but I remember all too many details of running to catch the train into town.  Dinner with my brother; his girlfriend and my boyfriend was facilitated by my new best friend, Ibuprofen gel, in association with systemic ibuprofen and paracetamol.  The main topic of conversation was sports injuries.

Saturday just didn’t happen.  We slept in very late, having woken briefly, decided the running workshop wasn’t happening, texting my apologies and falling asleep again.  Swimming was replaced with a haircut and some gentle shopping and the run planned by my boyfriend to compensate for the other lost activities became a movie.

On Sunday the inactivity became too much for him so my boyfriend went out on the club ride without me (after checking that I was ok with it).  Honestly, having looked at the route on Runkeeper afterwards, I’m not sure I could have managed it at my peak of fitness (duathlon time) last September.  I walked to the shops as we were low on coffee.

So this morning I was determined.  I could climb out of bed with relatively little pain so I kitted up in Lycra, coated the back of my neck (and the collar of my top) with ibuprofen gel and clipped in.  The sun was out, the wind was fresh and I wasn’t running late.  It’s not my fastest ride in but I’m sitting here at lunchtime sporting a sense of achievement and a barnet reminiscent of Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.  I shall ride home again this evening, welcome my boys back and try to work out how wise it is to go swimming with the club.

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6 Responses to Weekend of Plans

  1. Rainy Writer says:

    OW … that sounds painful. Do you know what caused it?

    When you were turning and gasping in pain … it a sharp pain? It almost sounds like there might be a possibility if a nerve/disc issues? (I hope not!)

    At any event, I hope you feel better … and am glad that you were able to get out and do some riding.

  2. I have to assume I slept at a strange angle again. It happened twice last autumn (fall?).

    Yes, sharp, stabbing pain. I am also getting pins and needles down both my arms now. I don’t suppose you’re in a medical profession, are you? It’s gradually getting better although it seems to mostly have subsumed into my headache. Given the effect of potholes, I decided to drive in today.

    • Rainy Writer says:

      Nope … not in the medical field. However, I have had neck issues. (Two neck surgeries … one back surgery … all to do with spine/vertebrae issues.)

      Soooo, saying that, what I say is really only from my perspective from what I learned about my condition. It may very well be that what you are going through is totally different. (I find it’s generally the case that we see our own medical problems when we hear of someone else’s similar symptoms … and it may very well be that there is no connection! So please take what I say with many grains of salt.)

      Now … with all my disclaimers … I have found that sharp pain, especially in the neck area can either be a muscular thing or a nerve thing. When accompanied by arm pain, tingling, or numbness, it does appear the latter.

      The nerve root that exits between the C6 & C7 vertebrae (C stands for cervical) is one of the nerves that go around the back of the shoulder, then down the backside of the arm (by the elbow), then down toward the hand (between the thumb and pointer finger).

      Does your arm and neck feel better if you lift your arm above your head? Especially if you are lying down? I know you said the pain is already going away … that is good! But the next time it happens try that … if that is the case, then a disc issue may be involved. (Raising your arms release pressure on the nerve root at the exit point near the vertebrae.)

      If it is a disc issue, the fact that it is getting better likely means it is bulging verses herniated (which means it burst).

      I’d say go see a doctor for sure … but he may refer you to get an MRI … and those are not exactly cheap.

      Then again, if it is bulging disc, unless it is sever, I would guess he’d try some anti-inflammatories first.

      Sorry this is so long … I do hope you are feeling better.

  3. Hi Rainy Writer,

    Thank you for your concern but fortunately I seem to be getting a little better every day. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble with your neck and back.

    I’ve done a bit of research (thank you Google) and I seem to have a fairly textbook case of the helpfully named “non-specific neck pain”; hideously painful for the first couple of days dying down to a dull ache in the neck, shoulders and head for the next few weeks. Take it easy for the first couple of days, resume your usual level of activity as soon as you’re able, keep the neck mobile to reduce stiffness and take the usual painkillers if you need to.

    How’s this: if I’m not swimming again by the weekend I’ll go see my doctor next week? Don’t worry about the cost of an MRI, our wonderful NHS over here means that if I get one it will be free but the chances of me getting one without one of my vertebrae actually falling out of my neck are negligible.

    • Rainy Writer says:

      Well I’m very glad I was mistaken about what might possibly be the issue!

      Definitely rest up a bit then … and make those around you cater to you for a bit 🙂

  4. My wonderful boyfriend did so last night. The only time I was allowed to raise a finger was on the Playstation controller!

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