Posts I need to write

There has been so much happening recently that I need, NEED to write about; to share with you, but there has just been so happening recently that I haven’t had time! I would call it a Catch 22 situation except, as I discussed with my other half on Sunday night when we heard Gary Imlach use the phrase on the Vuelta programme, it just isn’t. It may be verging on irony but I’d have to give that one more thought too and right now I’m just too tired.

So I decided what I would do was write a post listing all the things I need to write about. As I get around to writing these posts I can link them back to here.

  • Continued Improvements (draft) – this is a follow up to A Good Swim and is about my progress with the coached swim sessions I attend on Wednesday evenings.
  • The Culmination – Ride 100 (draft) – this follows the two training posts I did, Ten to Fifty Five and Fifty Five to Seventy about the Prudential Ride 100 event and my part in it.
  • A Spur of the Moment Decision – this will follow on from Continued Improvements so I’m reluctant to give away too much at the moment, although I might merge the two posts together.  Apart from anything else, the details are getting fuzzy.
  • Val d’Isere 2014 – this will be a series of posts about the activity holiday I went on with my boyfriend.
  • 8 Months Early -this is the result of my Spur of the Moment Decision and a significant personal achievement.

As you can see, I have a fair bit of work to do.  The first decision I need to make is whether to make notes on everything I need to write before I forget it all or to just crack on with the writing rather than wasting time duplicating work…

In either case, even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (towards the airport for that distance) so here is the first step in my metaphorical journey towards bringing my blog up to date.  *publish!*

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One Response to Posts I need to write

  1. I recognise this scenario, I am always meaning to keep my blog up to date but its seems to be a succession of catch ups.. :o)

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