Knee Warmers

I have cycling shorts.  They are fairly short (above the knee) as you would expect and I wear them through the summer for cycling and not a lot else (on account of the pads).  Proof-reading this before I post I feel compelled to specify that “not a lot else” refers to what else I wear the shorts for, not to what else I wear while cycling in the summer.  I also wear top; sports bra; fingerless gloves; helmet; shoes and (depending on the shoes) socks.

I have cycling longs too.  These do not have pads (I’m not entirely sure why) so are more interchangeable with my running longs.  When the weather is really chilly I often wear cycling shorts under thermal longs, primarily for the padding but also a little for the warmth, but more comfortable tends to be cycling shorts over my “legs” (my thermal, full length leg warmers), occasionally known as cycling stockings.

In-between months have been tricky.  I have running mediums (which come to below the knee) which I wear in all but the coolest weather when I run and I have been known to wear these for cycling when the weather has turned a little chilly but full leg coverage is still a step too far.  But no more!  For now I have (drum roll please)…

Knee Warmers!

Shaped tubes which cover my legs from thigh to below the knee, effectively extending my cycling shorts to mediums.

Imagine how much extra drawer space I would need if I bought a enough purpose made cycling mediums for commuting through the in between months!  Because my knees don’t actually sweat much when I’m cycling, my knee warmers don’t need washing every day so I can get away with only owning one pair which takes up only a tiny corner of my drawer, similar to my leg warmers.  These are definitely my current favourite bit of kit.

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8 Responses to Knee Warmers

  1. PedalWORKS says:

    The only problem I have with knee warmers is that they keep falling down. Maybe I need to try a different make. Or, fatten up the legs.

  2. Knee warmers are probably one of the best pieces of kit I own for autumn and spring riding. Great for early morning starts when it’s still nippy outside, then they can be easily stripped off and shoved (read: neatly folded) into a jersey pocket when the sun comes out!

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