So That Was Autumn

I hope you didn’t blink…

The knee warmers I was so excited about for two whole weeks have had their final wash and been tucked away in a corner of my drawer in favour of full length legs.  Half way into work yesterday morning it occurred to me that gloves with full length fingers were also becoming essential.  The “multi-use tubular cloth” I got from last year’s London Duathlon has been pressed into service not only to control my hair but also to keep my ears warm; it’s only a matter of time before I go “full nun” with it; around my neck and up over my hair, making me look a little like I’m wearing a wimple.  (I have since acquired a second multi-use tubular cloth which, on its own, almost made the overpriced promotional TdF musette bag worth the money, or would have done if I hadn’t lost it.)

There is a Scandinavian saying (possibly Norwegian) which states “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”.  While I am sure there are flood; avalanche; tsunami and forest fire victims who would disagree, mostly I think this holds true.  Snuggled up in my warm top; leggings and shorts; long fingered gloves with my multi-use tubular cloth under my helmet I feel I am in good clothing.

I enjoy commuting at this time of year.  I am less sweaty when I get into work.  This will help when they remodel the shower facilities later this month but my favourite benefit is that my kit smells much nicer when I put it on to go home.  The air is crisp and fresh; when it rains (or snows) I feel terribly virtuous and rather proud of myself for persevering and, while the traffic is pretty bad for weaving through, weaving through it significantly better than sitting in it.  As added incentive for riding in rather than driving, not only has the cooling weather encouraged more people into their cars but the handily timed roadworks, which have completely closed one of the roads just up the road from work, have had ripple effects stretching all the way home!

My cycling has been sporadic recently but I’m hoping the changing of the seasons (along with the hostile driving conditions) will encourage me to up my game and get on my bike more often.  Watch this space.

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