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So That Was Autumn

I hope you didn’t blink… The knee warmers I was so excited about for two whole weeks have had their final wash and been tucked away in a corner of my drawer in favour of full length legs.  Half way … Continue reading

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Knee Warmers

I have cycling shorts.  They are fairly short (above the knee) as you would expect and I wear them through the summer for cycling and not a lot else (on account of the pads).  Proof-reading this before I post I … Continue reading

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Bella Velo Grand Opening

Last night I was lucky enough to be able to attend the grand opening of a groundbreaking new enterprise in Surbiton.   I believe this is the country’s first bike shop created and run specifically for women. It was a … Continue reading

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Posts I need to write

There has been so much happening recently that I need, NEED to write about; to share with you, but there has just been so happening recently that I haven’t had time! I would call it a Catch 22 situation except, … Continue reading

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A Good Swim

The seem to be as rare as hens’ teeth but on Wednesday night last week I had A Good Swim. I wasn’t expecting it, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been in a pool, but I was less … Continue reading

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Fifty Five to Seventy

The 55 mile ride was hard but I was still on my feet at the end of it, still went out with the boys and their bikes that afternoon, although my boyfriend and I swapped roles so he was riding … Continue reading

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Ten to Fifty Five

I’m getting a little frustrated with myself.  I rarely post anything on either of my blogs these days and when I do it always seems to be a “back in the saddle” type post, bemoaning my recent lack of cycling … Continue reading

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